3 Keys to Visiting Music Schools

Planning to visit music schools this month or this fall? Here are some tips to save you time, money, and preventing the possibility of arriving home to realize you didn’t get what you wanted.

1. Check each school’s website before deciding to visit. Do they offer what you want to study? Do they have faculty you want to study with? Can you double major if you want to? Do you have the academic background they’re looking for? What about their career development support?

2. Call admissions offices at schools with any lingering questions.

3. Plan visits to schools you’re most interested in. Be sure to include one or more schools closer to home where you may want to apply.

  • Contact the admissions offices to set up your visits. Let them know what you need and want to see and experience.
  • Tailor your visits so you can determine whether each school is a good fit. Compare apples to apples and don’t settle for a generic visit.
  • If possible, visit schools in the same geographic area at the same time.
  • What classes can you sit in on? What ensembles or rehearsals can you attend?
  • Schedule a lesson with a faculty member whose studio you may become part of. Is there a fee for  the lesson?
  • Arrange a night in a dorm with a student with similar music interests. Plan to eat a meal in the dining hall. Have some unscheduled time so you can get a feel for the “vibe” and how you’d fit in.
  • Send thank you notes (email is fine) to anyone you meet with – this is proper etiquette and will also serve you well should you decide to apply.

Check participating schools on MajoringInMusic.com – the key information you need is easily accessible on their school pages.

For more on visiting schools, see “10 Considerations for Visiting Music Schools.

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