Want to Major in Bluegrass?

Yes, it’s possible!

The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) provides a list of schools that offer “College Level Bluegrass & Music Business Programs”, according to Dan Hays, former executive director.

As with other genres, bluegrass artists should be prepared to wear many hats. Performing is just one of them. They also should consider working in one or more of the many aspects of music business. That list includes but is not limited to: managing, producing, broadcasting, publishing, distributing, and marketing. Hayes suggests that anyone interested in bluegrass find a school that offers both the opportunity to learn the “culture and context” of bluegrass as well as how to approach this music and take it into the world at large.

The International Bluegrass Music Association works hard to support bluegrass awareness in K-12 schools as part of “American Roots Music.” Teacher workshops and the “Bluegrass in the Schools” program are offered to help incorporate bluegrass music into the classroom. IBMA also supports musicians interested in developing bluegrass presentations for schools.

To learn more, visit IBMA.


  1. Isaac

    I would like to major in bluegrass music and would like some information on christian colleges which offer this program. I would appreciate any information you can give me. I have two more years of high school and would like to be prepared.

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