What to Give a Music Grad

How to best celebrate a high school or college music grad is a challenge. The’ve probably already received more than their fair share of mugs, instrument sculptures, and neckties, all with musical note themes.

While every grad appreciates money, the amount you’re willing and able to spend (especially when you’ve got more than one to acknowledge) may not be something you want to announce.

The Mother’s Day gift I received last year from my son is the perfect solution. Not only did I feel truly recognized, but it’s a gift with lasting power.

My son couldn’t think of a better way to honor me than by donating to VH1 Save The Music Foundation. It’s dedicated to ensuring that all children in U.S. public schools have access to instrumental music as a vital part of their school curriculum. Since 1997, 2.1 million children in 1,850 public schools have been served.

I’m impressed that as a recent music school grad, my son gets that it’s up to his generation as well as to mine to safeguard the opportunities that he was fortunate to take part in: public school choirs, orchestras, bands, and ensembles led by dedicated and talented music educators.

A donation to a music organization dedicated to keeping music in the schools alive recognizes the teachers who have helped music students get where they are as musicians. It’s also a vote of confidence for those coming up the pipeline, who can’t think of a better way to spend their lives than as music educators.

Paying it forward to save music is a big picture gift. It doesn’t wear out, get lost, recycled, or need to be returned. There are many organizations to choose from that are working locally and nationally to keep music and arts education a priority in schools. By contributing to one or more, you get to acknowledge the music grads in your life as well as those who aspire to walk the same path.

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