Who’s to Blame at a Concert?

We’ve written about the occupational hazards of hearing loss facing musicians  on MajoringInMusic.com (see “Use Protection! Tips for Saving Your Career”), so it was  particularly interesting to discover the 11.16.11 blogpost, “Is Your Favorite Band Making You Deaf?”, written by Bob Boilen, host of NPR’s “All Songs Considered.” Boilen, who is an avid concert-goer, writes about the trend of increased volume at most venues. He’s not a big fan of wearing earplugs and complains that they “dull the sound.” I couldn’t agree more. But he’s not willing to leave any part of his hearing behind at the concert. Boilen blames the venue for blasting music. But do you agree? Or do you think it’s the band’s responsibility or the sound engineer’s job to insure that the amplification doesn’t endanger the hearing of the audience?

What about concert-goers? What’s their responsibility? Without fans, there is no concert. So perhaps it’s the audience that needs to take a stand by refusing to attend concerts at clubs, theaters and arenas where the music is blasted at levels known to cause permanent hearing loss. Can you picture a time when fans go on strike until concerts are amplified at a level that doesn’t put them at risk?

Who’s responsibility is it to insure that you don’t leave your hearing behind at a concert, whether you are attending or performing in it?

We’d love your comments on this one!

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