Why Wait?

A local plumbing and heating truck passed me as I was taking a walk. Its giant-font logo, adorning its right side, screamed “WHY WAIT?”

Obviously, the message referred to the small faucet drip that can mutate without warning into a major, expensive plumbing job.

But what if the message were read differently?

What if “Why wait?” meant “Why act so fast?”

No one likes to miss a good opportunity. And often, opportunities must be pounced on before they disappear. But when does it make sense NOT to immediately jump on something the moment it comes across your screen?

Sometimes, the best course of action is to simply stop, look, and listen.

  • Stop thinking you have to make an immediate decision.
  • Look at the pros and cons about each of your choices.
  • Listen, i.e., tune in to your inner thoughts and feelings and to the wisdom of one or a couple of trusted mentors.

As a prospective or current music major, here are some circumstances where waiting a day, an hour, overnight, or even longer may serve you well in the long run:

1. You don’t have enough information to make a decision that you’ll want to live with.

2. You’re not ready or not prepared to take the leap.

3. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while.

4. You’re already feeling overwhelmed (which may relate to #3).

5. You’re strapped for cash and feeling a bit desperate.

How might sitting with a decision (or sleeping on it) serve you as compared to jumping in with both feet the instant you hear about an opportunity?

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