Would She Hire YOU?

USA Today recently ran an article by a career consultant named Andrea Kay. She talked about her experience of needing to hire a musician for a program she was presenting, and what it was that drew her to hire a particular individual. He had excellent credentials, but that’s not what attracted her. What magnetized her to this particular musician was his behavior. Simply put, he acted like he wanted the job!

What about him stood out?

  • His communication skills –– he responded to all of the questions asked, quickly and articulately. And he made it clear that he read in full all of the emails he was sent.
  • He displayed genuine interest in the project –– he explained why he was interested in the job.
  • His responses indicated his flexibility and thoroughness.
  • He followed through on everything he said he’d do.

Think about a recent gig opportunity you’ve had. Did you respond like the guy above did? If not, what was missing? How did it affect the outcome? And what will you do differently next time?


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